French artist based in Paris

Théo's art is based on a universal, simple & visually striking expression form. Exploring urban territories with street art, paintings, drawings or performances, he shares his faith in humankind as much as his fears.

Born in Paris, Haggaï grew up in the south of France.

Inspired by fashion photography and the explosive artists from the New York of the 80s, anything from outdoor walls to the backs of receipts become his canvas.

Theo's drawings and paintings are both simple and intense, and he creates them in a loving and tender process.


Some people would say Théo is an utopian. His artistic landscape is made of hands, dreamers, geometric patterns and abstract mouvements.


Drawing hands to underline our equality through humankind diversity. Our hands express feelings, desires, fears. Everything.


Théo's "dreamers" characters and silhouettes are stretching out towards the same goal: a healthy and peaceful planet to live in.